Not feeling 100%

I have a splitting headache. I know it’s PMS related but that don’t help me. I also feel frustrated and on the edge of insane. It’s all due to the pain called PMS. I’m only in the 1st week, I know I gotta endure this 2 weeks before it completely disappears. It is hormone related and just about until now adays this female problem weren’t referred to as an illness but nonsense. Today using the phrase “You got pms?” when a woman is acting unbalanced isn’t just called for and degrading to me in person because it’s not something I have any control over. Men just gotta stay out the way or be supportive when us women go through this. It’s just a part of nature as thinking of sex every 7th second is for men. But the society needs some information about what PMS really is.

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Hi and welcome. This is my journal where I can find a peace of mind. Perhaps teach myself something. I escape here to unwind, cry or complain, or share my joy. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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