That isn’t respect…

It is awful really, that there are more people that want you bad than good. With bad includes any selfish reason. As for the opposite to women….. men. I tell a man that I am not naive, and treating me like I am is disrespect. Yet he tries to figure out just How naive I am. And since he underestimates my intellect he begins from the bottom (bottom being the most naive) and plans to work his way up. Cause at areas which a woman is naive, he plays around. Both by being a man who’s dishonest towards women when/where he can and selling me that short he has already failed to keep my attention. I am already in a long term relationship but that doesn’t stop most men from getting a lil sumthin sumthin from me if he could. That’s disrespecting me as a woman and person believing 1. I am easy and 2. I am not smarter than that. Plus upton that the fact that he disrespects my partner which I love dearly and I can’t have that. It doesn’t turn me on, how many men fail to turn me on? Cause even if my intension is to only become friends it couldn’t be with any man that possesses the bad qualities just listed because, if he could, he’d literary fuck my life up.

I am not the ordinary woman. There are not many women who’s really got a good head. So ofc men underestimate me but for a man to do that he isn’t what I qualify as a good man.

It takes a fool to leave a happy home.

It takes a foolish girl to leave a good man.


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