I miss my bros, I am thinking of them. Last we were all together was their son’s American football practice. I have a pleased smile on my face. They are lucky, they have always been close. Today they are pushing 40 but to me they are still those young kids called my brothers. At the football game they was kidding around, laughing and playhit eachother. Teasing their kids with the same games they used on me when I was thier kid’s age. Those moments of play around they have of brotherly love and bondship, is what brings this pleased smile on my face. Boys will be boys, it what the smile say. I don’t see any resemblance in facial structures between the oldest of them two and I. He is the one that looks most like our father. The youngest of the two and I have some features similar and I’ve heard from others that we are alike. I’ve more or less grown up without siblings because of life’s circumstances. A short perdiod from my birth up to 4 years the family lived together but after that my brothers were old enough to leave the home and the contact didn’t grow strong. Since then the oldest have kept contact with me in peridos throughout my upbringing but I’ve had too much emotional problems to be on the giving end as he has so he tired. We stil speak on the phone and hook up every now and then. On the contrast with the younger one, he makes efforts. But we all have our own stuggles, right? Everyone do what’s in our power.

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Hi and welcome. This is my journal where I can find a peace of mind. Perhaps teach myself something. I escape here to unwind, cry or complain, or share my joy. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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