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The NEW Woman.

I don’t exist to please you. You can dream, you can wish, you can plead but I’m a woman of the new century. I aim to be pleased by my own standards. My beauty deserves more than what it can get from a man as yourself. I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t answer to anyone, I design my own path – For that is the type of woman I am. Free, I don’t obey anyone. In fact, I dare you to try and chain me. For you will fail, I am too confident to be  captivated. You era is over. Adapt or vanish.


Sexual predators.

Sexual offence charges are taken too lightly on. The punishment for rape isn’t nearly enough. There is a case here where a mans age was taken into consideration when charged for rape on several girls. Because he was old the punishment was reduced. What the heck at that!  Women’s lives are not being valued at all. There really OUGHTA be a cero tolerance against violence against women and children. I cannot believe that it’s not. Angered! With all right.

Sadly, for a fast result in this area I believe what it takes for a change is numerous rapes on men. Angered by that also, because that women are being raped isn’t enough, and only through the attention of men there can be a change. Grrr ! Wish to cuss. Omg, I am too angered by this, you couldn’t believe. JUSTICE! GAWDAMMIT.
Us women are not worth much in the eyes of men in general.
For if we was there would be a change.
I cannot tolerate it, can you? I do not! REVOLUTION!
We need to riot, we need to rage! Because through this slow approach we are getting nowhere TODAY!

Morning mist.

“People you love, you treat them differently. You hold them to a much lower standard.”

The vague signals you send out keeps me alert. To me you are difficult to get a sense of. You don’t reveal much, you are quite a mystery. But I’m loving what I’m finding out. And out of selfish reasons I am glad that the message with you is not clear, because other women don’t get the chance to see how truly beautiful on the inside you are.

One way conversation

Every late evening, no matter how adventurous my day has been;
I feel really low and sad, very depressed.
Next morning with the sunrise I feel more alive and happy again.  Reasons could be more than only one.
But I know that if I wasn’t alone at these hours I wouldn’t get so low.
I couldn’t do anything to feel better either.
Because I do not at all wish a room mate, yuck.
And my partner and I can’t share an apartment just yet.
So see, there is no way out of this.

Why don’t I want a room mate..
My home is my home,
I couldn’t stand another person messing around in it.
I need peace and quiet when I need it, like at bedtime.
I’d go nuts of all the friends she would bring over.
Ahh, endless reasons.

I had a disturbing nightmare from which I woke up from this night. I woke up hurt and frustrated. So evil our dreams can be to us sometimes.
It was of unfaithfulness, so ofc I woke up feeling hurt.
I believe that in my heart in my dream I forgave him because I did not want to be without him.
But I wished to speak of it with him but he just were so distant, hence the frustration.
I was sad, oh so sad, that he was so unreachable, and from the act itself ofc.
I didn’t get the full story from him, but I did from her.
She did not know he was in a long term relationship.
Evil dream.
Truely evil =(.

The Beast

pitbull mix

No, he’s a teddy bear.

Official blessing.

Your genuine.
Your kind.
You deserve my mother.
And I’m glad she met you.
You treat her as she deserves and you never disrespects her.
You are worthy of her.

Your moral is high and you have a great heart.
You are a man of honor, a man of his words.

One I can trust to never hurt my mother.
So I leave her in your hands where I know she is safe.


Everyone lies, when it’s convenient.
Everyone tells the truth, as long as it’s convenient.

How about either standing up for your self and who you are or don’t do the deeds of which you later will have to lie about.
The nature of the deed tells which your choice should be.

For me it is clear, I act upon moral and other of such kinds.
Things with real value and meaning.

As long as I make sense I know my decision is right, as long no thing I do is with the intent to hurt anyone else. As long as respect remains as at the same time I feel freedom, I know I am doing right.

Why is it so difficult for some to live within the frames? Why are the natural boundaries not visible to all.

When that is the case their souls are lost beyond help.
They will continue escaping the truth and remain in the lies.
For it hurts too much to break free from them.


Hi and welcome. This is my journal where I can find a peace of mind. Perhaps teach myself something. I escape here to unwind, cry or complain, or share my joy. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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A 27 year old womans attempt to understand herself and the rest of the world. Difficult to explain myself with only a few words, you decide from the words in my journal. I suppose I am trying to find my strength through this so I think I am a bit confused, I'm quite emotional and very loving though I at times may seem very cold.

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A rather new blog but not a new blogger. From Swedish decent, this blog will contain both languages.
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