Evolution and The Butterfly Effect

I been wanting to blog a few times over the last 4 or so days but my mind just ain’t it’s normal self full of ponders on universal matters. My heart haven’t been filled with passion for understanding the world as it usually is but been blocked. My mind is somewhat blank and my heart is selfcentered only focusing inwards.

However, one topic is being stubborn, managing to push it self through my thick brain to get written about. And it’s one I’m very fascinated about. Perhaps therefore the consistency. It got energy from a show I watched yesterday on AP called “Weird Nature” which was great btw.

Evolution, is the topic, so interesting. I’ve had so many thoughts about it, the latest this sleepless night; The fact that us humans use our legs more less. Will the fact that we use them less result in by the next step in evolution amongst other possibilities our legs will take another form? Evolution is so interesting to me, so amazing. Weird Nature was not only designed amazingly graphical but also explained human and animal (the most) evolution so great. It is a show I recommend to anyone that is also fascinated by this and want to watch a great film about the topic.

Another thing that’s been on my mind is The Butterfly Effect, no not the move but the theory. It haven’t interested me before recently so I haven’t exactly put any specifics to mind. I know there’s alot about it to be read on the Internet though. However I like the name given to the theory even if a lightweighted small thing such as a butterfly couldn’t make an impact big enough to create a “butterfly effect” simply by a flutter of it’s wings. But ofc, this is such a theory that is true which makes it interesting to me. For truth I live by. Not having read anything about it though, perhaps it is not at all what I imagine. Will look it up when I have a chance.


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