To live what you preach.

Who you are when nobody sees you is who you truly are. I’m thinking of changes as a person. To want to achive something you first must have a vision. I’m having so many thoughts at ones that this post will be confusing for anybody else than me. I read a thing I had forgotten but was somewhat obsessed with before, because I have already “fixed” that within me so I’ve moved on to other things. But it was fun remembering; I was going to write “some” but I believe it’s “almost everybody” that complains about what ever thing about a person but is the same way themselves. Most common seems to be to hate fake people but not being concerned that they are fake themselves. To hate liers but still being a liar. Hate dishonest people and not being honest. I’ve laughed so hard at that before, patheticness. To be what you speak… or live what you preach seems to not be so fun. I wonder why, when it is the most beautiful thing to experience. A true heart is safisfying. Noone can take a true heart away from you. To live with a true heart is a confirmation for your self that you are better. It brings character and confidence. And so much more. Worth exploring.


1 Response to “To live what you preach.”

  1. 1 Prophetess Dorothy Stokes September 17, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    I have to do a workshop on “Live What You Preach”. Thank you for the truth and whoever we are when others are not looking-is the real person!

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