Tonights words.

A post @ a WP blog caught my attention since what’s written is the opposite of how I chose to handle the things that life throws at me that is of no good. I’ve been in the suffer and completely swallowed in the thoughts and feelings resulted from the suffer. I been acknowledging these things too much in the past and let it burry me deep inside myself where I fought the suffer all the time. Nowadays I have learned a new way to deal and it’s not to hide or run and escape. Simply to take to heart only the things that I consider good for myself. There is no fighting off suffer anymore and not much suffer inside, instead all that I in the past took to heart and dealt with in silence and pain bounces right off me. Cause I approach life in a different way and I view things now in a way that is healthy for me. A couple examples is; I’ve learned that foul words of strangers really don’t have anything to do with me but it is all within them. I’ve learned that I choose my own path and I’ve grown strong enough in mind and heart to realize this and grown wise enough to understand that I don’t have to listen one bit to what anyone else says. Wrong words just don’t effect me anymore. I take the good things to me because I’ve learned that anything else isn’t strength but being someone else’s bitch amongst so much more I’ve learned. Everything is in how we take things but it all begins with understanding. It isn’t about escaping no more, I walk my own path and bounces the rocks thrown at me off. I’ve learned when to really care, and when not to. And I’ve got my priorities straight, which helps on my road to wherever I might go. We choose everything our selves, the trick is in how we view things.

Trying to sleep for the last 5 hours made me realize that it’s not because I think that I can’t sleep but because I can’t sleep that I think.


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