Internet vs RL

Who has the energy to deal with too hot tempered people on the net that takes your words wrong.
Who has the energy to correct their mistake?
Why don’t they take the time to ask if what they assume I ment with my words really was what I ment.
I don’t utter bad words untill I’m uttered bad words to.
And when I really do have something mean to say to you I don’t cover the words up in a pretty but bitchy attitude, I let you know straight out.
But usually I ignore you before it goes that far.

But to use words like “Please” and “Honey” is to really push my bottons.

Too many mix their life with the net too much. It ISN’T the same as real life, no matter how you argue. But in some minds it becomes it. To separate the two is better for your self.

Much is easy to ignore,
some things are too pathetic,
some things pushes your buttons but can be ignored,
and (very) few things gets to me.

With the internet many doors are open to you. And so many of those doors are fantastic and great. But then there are doors that you wish you could close but are forever open. One of those doors is all the idiots that comes in to your “home”.


3 Responses to “Internet vs RL”

  1. 1 skittles6900 October 12, 2006 at 12:39 am

    you’re so funny hunni. I love you anyway. Its such a shame you never converted…

  2. 2 mage111 October 12, 2006 at 3:48 am

    you have a point. well put and thought

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