Don’t enjoy speaking with people I have to explain things to. Bores me.. irritates me. Speaking to people on the same level though.. can be magical.

I love conversations, and I love pondering. Finding that I enjoy solitude more than society.

Don’t always enjoy the company of others. But maybe it is so that I prefer the company of myself over the company of cluelessness.

I surely enjoyed this day of solitude, spending time only with me. Sitting here to write in my online journal when ever I was thinking of something. Pleasure.

Weekend isn’t approaching but is here, the week passed by fast. I wonder what would please me more… Nightlife this weekend or solitude. Society or myself.
For no one can please me like I do. Company of my partner would be  appreciated, though.
Warmth, safety, flirtatious laughs, cuteness, cuddles, pleasure….


3 Responses to “Solitude”

  1. 1 mrdeadworry October 13, 2006 at 3:09 pm

    Amen to that. I know the dilema all to well. At least there is someone to go to. I could not resist posting the following. Reminds me of the good parts in my childhood. From School House Rock an old psa (public service announcement), saw it again at Grrrlscientist:
    Verb you’re so intense
    Every sentence has a subject
    Noun, person, place or thing
    Find that subject, where’s the action?
    Verb can make the subject zing
    Take the subject, what is it?
    What’s done to it?
    What does it say?
    Verb! You’re what’s happening!
    I can question like,
    What is it?
    Verb! You’re so demanding!
    I can order like,
    Go get it.
    Verb! You’re so commanding!
    When I hit I need an object!
    When I see I see the object!

    I get my thing in action!
    Verb! That’s what’s happening!
    To work, to play, to live, to love.

    Completely silly but you have to like the last line.

  2. 2 wagi October 13, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    Solitude is fun but it does get boring, unless your playing solitarie 🙂

  3. 3 mage111 October 15, 2006 at 1:36 am

    solitude is great, but using to as an avoidance of humanity, is not utilizing solitude to a positive.

    [quote]Don’t always enjoy the company of others. But maybe it is so that I prefer the company of myself over the company of cluelessness.[/quote]

    Clueless company is one of many types of people. For instance, out of the blue today i had a conversation with a person a few years older than me.
    out of blue, i asked her where a saying she had said came from, and she went on talking about it. Then i asked commented on a general populous’s way of thinking of life through the eyes of a filmstrip, she got what i meant and that was great, had a conversation with her about ‘people’ for half an hour, and we were stepping out for a smoke and while i was hacking she was forgetting a lot of what she had just been through.

    in one way clueless to some questions, on other questions a wiki of information.

    even the clueless people you seek solitude from have something that can benefit you. too much solitude and you may lose your appetite for social interaction, or lose your social skills.

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