a smarter way…

Why trust so easily. Why not wait and see what a person is about. Why rush into things head over heals, that is a 95% risk of getting hurt. Depending on many factors.

How many times have you gotten your heart broken.
How many times have you cried.
How many more times of hurt until you learn.

The factors:
You go too fast for the other person.
You weren’t as the other person thought.
The person weren’t as you thought.
You weren’t after the same thing.

“You could miss out on wonderful things”.. is that how you would argue with a comment?
Then this post is not for you.
For either you are not someone with good intent or you do not hurt easily.
And there’s a 99.99% chance that your male.

I see too many girls get too carried away. The first thing they do when starting a new friendship with a guy is being too in to him.
Chances are 99.99% that he only wants one thing of you. And to laugh and joke too much at ones tells the guy that he has a shot.
A girl needs to learn how to protect her self, learn the basics of female survival.
I know you find the guy funny, I know you like him.. he likes you too, just that he aren’t planning to like you for very long.
There are ways to make a guy think you are something different, something that he wants to keep. But most girls aren’t making him see different so they don’t get treated differently.

I personally don’t blame the girls, to me this behaviour from guys are wrong. But, it’s nature I persume. Although I dislike blaming things like this on nature. To get down to the start of everything, it’s survival of spices. Isn’t it ridiculous how we as humans have gotten so far in technology but we still blame nature for things?

Short post on a very long subject. There is much more possible to write about it. And don’t twist my words, there are a few decent men out there. And to say that women do it too is rather pathetic, since they aren’t no where near as many as the male ones. And the fact that most men are fine with only one thing, also don’t make it just.

Oh well, like I wrote, there is so much to write, to clear everything out, but I’m bored
already 🙂 .

My intent is only to let girls know that there’s ways to escape many hurts.


2 Responses to “a smarter way…”

  1. 1 meetingmyself October 28, 2006 at 5:50 pm

    I totally agree. Unfortunately after years of dealing with the opposite sex, I’ve learned you have to protect yourself first and foremost. If you dont, no one will. I would suggest you go into every encounter with men skeptical. Assume they all want one thing from you until they can PROVE they want more. Because if he likes you that much, he will be persistant and be willing to show you how much he wants to be with you for all the right reasons. Its up to you whether you decide you want to share yourself with him at that point. Anyway, to sum it up, great post. I agree.

  2. 2 solelyshe October 28, 2006 at 7:26 pm

    Thank you. I am glad someone agrees. Most doesn’t, which I find too odd.

    Isn’t it weird that if we put the man first he doesn’t find it as we are respecting him and shows respect back, instead he sees it as an oppertunity to dip. o_O men.

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