My teacher in the last year of highschool was one of those teachers that did or said something that you will carry with gratefulness throughout your life.
That encoughraging teacher, that in the midst of it all show you something worth
a great deal to your future self. That out of all that you will forget, this stays with you. For me, it was my English teacher. To me he was a great man and so even more to me
today looking back in memories. He made the classes fun, not many teachers cares about
doing that. He is a great teacher, in my book. And in my books he made me stay; That’s a
true teacher. (Wishing my future kids will have the same luck as I and have one of those.)
He inspired me, he made me believe that I could be something. He always used to say that I would be a great poet someday and that he would see my initials under one in the future. This almost brings tears to my eyes. For encouragement I wasn’t use to, only blames and angressity. I was lucky to have known him. Perhaps against violation; I used to help him go through classmates tests to correct, by his request. That too has given me something I still carry with me today.

I ones myself was a “helping-teacher” in a school for 8 – 12 year olds that didn’t “fit” into regular classes because they were too loud and troublesome. I
wish that I could have continued but at that time I was still myself not completely grown
up and too much of a troublemaker myself; I couldn’t do any help there.

Thank you mr H, for giving my past self hope.


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