Get A Life

Why bash people that you assume have no life?

Is my question.

Often used in arguments on the Internet.
“You have no life” or “Get a life”.

First, in situations when someone’s on your case with meaness and won’t leave you alone,. Only assumption there is that they don’t have much of a life, at least not a happy one. And there the “Get a life” frase might do justice.

In other situations for example where one spends a lot of time on the internet, chatting, blogging, what ever it may be. It is ignorant to say “Get a life”; For one reason may be that they find much to explore and enjoy with the internet that at this time in their life they give a lot of time to it. Or they really don’t have a life, then is it right to bash because of they don’t? Maybe they hurt cause they don’t have enough friends, maybe things aren’t going so well in life that at least they find some comfort turning to the net. It isn’t funny and it isn’t something to laugh at. And absolutely not a valid reason to bash. It is you, the basher, that is being ignorant. For not being more understanding, or for liking to put
people down and make people feel bad, for notenjoying the quality of humbleness. It is childish, and one cannot expect so much more out of a person that just haven’t grown up. So children, ignore them… “Grown children” – forgive their ignorance and understnad that it is not you, the person with “no life” that there’s anything wrong with. Some just don’t understand that life has it’s own way with us and that many out there are having problems with that thing.. called life.


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