mixed post #7

A storm is on it’s way over this part of the world.
It’s going to be here on Friday.
I am worried because my mother and her man are driving a car from further up country to here that day.
They said they will start their drive early morning to try not to get caught in it.
Still it worries me.

I don’t feel up for anything today but yet I have to take a quick shower and head downtown for some papers.
Haven’t decided weither to bring my dog or not. It’s a lonely walk alone
(no busspass and no cash) but I don’t know if I have to wait in line or they can take me
immedietly and I don’t wish to leave him alone for more than 5 minutes tied up outside.
Several reasons.
Not as conserned that he will be taken by someone as afraid that someone
will walk by too close with their dog and Blaze desides to hook his teeth into it.
Damn dog.

It would be awful though if someone got my dog with intetions to use in dog fights. Gosh, awful. Angered, why must people do that! When someone hurts an animal it is easier for that person that a person that does not to hurt a human. Guess I wanted to say, stay away from those that hurts animals, with that.

It is really disgusting though, people that argue a lot and shows anger. I think it’s disgusting. I wish to explain but I don’t find the words for it.

This turned out to be a mixed post.


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