There are so many version for the smallest thought out there. Sometimes I become confused as well, but if I stay with what’s “decent” I know I am right. Things can lure which is of no good. To stay on one line is what I feel is right for myself. Why even begin to side-track. Deviations of different sorts doesn’t have anything to do with it, although I myself more often does not prefer much deviance. We all have our own limit. If one would want there’s always the discussion of why our own limit is where it’s lined. So much is odd, according to my personal limit. Without getting stuck on limits and concentrating on versions instead; Begun to read text on materialism and it’s worth to a single person which got me to think of this. There’s so many versions of everything out there. But we are all individuals. Glad one has the power to choose. For there’s so much I don’t agree on. And would be happier to not having to do with at all. There’s so much I can’t believe that people are thinking. Such incredible things. Unreasonable things, things that appears to literary be alien. Things that people way back in time would have been locked up for. The world is acceptable today which is good, but it also causes more insecurity. Would like to write more but it’s getting late. Ciao.


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Hi and welcome. This is my journal where I can find a peace of mind. Perhaps teach myself something. I escape here to unwind, cry or complain, or share my joy. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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A 27 year old womans attempt to understand herself and the rest of the world. Difficult to explain myself with only a few words, you decide from the words in my journal. I suppose I am trying to find my strength through this so I think I am a bit confused, I'm quite emotional and very loving though I at times may seem very cold.

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A rather new blog but not a new blogger. From Swedish decent, this blog will contain both languages.
November 2006
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