100 Things You Need to Know About Women

Read the article “100 Things You Need to Know About Women” in maximonline.com, and I’m wondering if it was written by a man? Taking a few things that caught my attention and furthur develope.

However, knowing I am probably not the average woman. I “speak” solely for myself.

1. What do women really want in bed? More blankets. They get colder than men.
“Si, true.” The reason to why she’s colder? I wonder if it is because she less often than the man “works it”.

2. If women have an excuse to take a pill, they’ll take it.
“Umm, whut? Why?” Odd statement.

3. Never trust the woman who gives you the best blow job you’ve ever had.
I can see the point in that and with the risk of getting myself less respectable comments I have to dissagree!

4. “Girls who buy their men lap dances and pretend to enjoy it are kidding themselves. They’re trying to keep him happy with some controlled freedom.”—Suzy, 31
Probably true. Wouldn’t want a man that’s into that personally.

5. Unless they’re lesbians, she won’t approve of your hanging out with other girls. Even if they’re ugly. And, really, even if they’re lesbians.
*lol* Dang right! But I let go in fear and prays.

6. If you have something to hide, she’ll find it.
Oh yah. Best recognize.

7. When a woman tells you her problems, she does not want you to offer solutions.
True sometimes, sometimes not. Often times I get “angry” by solutions, true.

8. Most women think they’re better drivers than they are. Don’t point this out while she’s at the wheel or she’ll freak and crash.
No why, I’ll giggle.

9. Despite always complimenting another woman’s short haircut, she secretly celebrates having one less competitor, since men prefer long hair.
Women are so fake towards eachother.

10. At least one of her friends wants to sleep with you.
I hate girl friends.

11. Once in a while, let her pick the movie and don’t complain about it.

12. Studies show women are more attracted to “macho” guys near ovulation. The rest of the month, they’re drawn to “good providers,” otherwise known as chumps.
Could belive that to be true.

13. No matter how much she reassures you, if you can’t get a hard-on she assumes you’re not attracted to her.
That seems quite ignorant.



5 Responses to “100 Things You Need to Know About Women”

  1. 3 LeeTK November 22, 2006 at 10:55 am

    why not post all the 100 things here?

  2. 4 solelyshe November 22, 2006 at 1:56 pm

    Many reasons. It’s a private journal, this one. And I don’t agree with all their statements. and so on and so on. How come you couldn’t figure this your self?

  1. 1 Check ‘em Out - Soley She « shaken… not stirred Trackback on November 11, 2006 at 1:52 am

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